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As you may recall, the Finance Committee, with the support of the Church Council and Congregation, has adopted a targeted strategy of reducing and ultimately eliminating the church’s mortgage. This strategy is to balance future annual operating budgets by steadily shrinking principal and interest payments. Thrivent Financial originally issued this St. Peter’s mortgage of $670,000 in 2003. It has had major reductions three times: 2004, 2007 and again this past April, 2014. At the beginning of this year, our outstanding mortgage was down to $170,000. At our 2014 Annual Congregational Meeting, $75,991 of existing church resources was applied to reduce the debt. With the strong support of our congregation, members’ giving further reduced the mortgage to $24,339.64, where it stands today.

This is a remarkable achievement by a very generous congregation over the past eleven years. But the story of generous giving does not end here. We have just been informed that a St. Peter’s member, who wishes to remain anonymous, is contributing an additional $11,000 toward the goal of eliminating the mortgage entirely!

St. Peter’s leadership, upon hearing of this most recent gift, wishes to share with you the challenge goal of “paying off the balance before the end of the calendar year.” Several members have already expressed interest in contributing towards this goal.

We realize that we have just completed our annual stewardship drive and that you have completed your pledges for next year. However, if you enthusiastically share our thrill of burning the St. Peter’s mortgage and being free of this burden, and are able, we invite you to give once more towards the MORTGAGE ELIMINATION. This will allow us to zero out the mortgage line and help balance next year’s operating budget.

God has blessed and continues to bless St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in so many ways. The mortgage reduction and elimination program is a shining example of His gifts to us.

Yours in service to our Lord,
Jim Merriam, Finance Committee Chair

We Believe
Fall 2014

In September and October 2014, people were asked to write down one thing that they believe about God, humanity, or why we are here. This video, used on Reformation Sunday, October 26, was the resulting project. Here is what we believe.

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